At Lucky Leaf Farm we know how much each part plays in the proper and most sustainable function of crop production.  Our chickens play a huge roll in this process.  We use our chickens to till up new areas, for pest control, and for fertilizer.  The eggs these ladies are producing taste amazing and are sure to be the most healthy egg you have ever eaten! 

What do they eat?

We feed our chickens all our an organic layer feed from nature's best, black oil sunflower seeds, and food or weeds from the garden!  We also use organic apple cider vinegar and organic oregano to keep their digestive tract and immune systems healthy!

How and Where do they live?

This seems to be the most important factor with chicken production today.  Many people are becoming more and more aware of animal welfare and finding out how the food they eat is being treating before it is considered food!  Factory farms have created systems for production that often times lessons the nutritional value of the food through the degradation of the animal's health it is coming from!  At Lucky Leaf Farm we take special care to make sure our animals are happy and healthy!  95% of our chickens are in mobile coops that move around our farm.  This allows them to forage for bugs and more importantly green vegetation!  Our birds are never in cages and get let out of their coop in the mornings and locked up for protection from predators at night!  Yes we let them in and out twice a day!! (This is why I am NEVER in the city anymore, lol )  During the day they forage around inside the poultry netting not only keeps them out of the garden but protects them from any four legged daytime predators!  Depending on the need for the area they are in and what needs to get done, such as tilling, pest control, or fertilization, dictates how long they stay on that particular land. When it is time to move we either hook up the four wheeler or the tractor and move them to their next vacation spot! Although they are a lot of work, I never imagined how much fun and personality a chicken could have.  We have really experience a lot of joy from these chickens and value the roll they play on our farm.  Thank you in advance for supporting this opperation and help us make our farm more sustaianable with poultry.