Lettuce go to the market! Lettuce fill our grocery bags with ..you guessed it!! LETTUCE!

Well at this point you can probably guess we will be having a lot of lettuce at the market again tomorrow!! Lettuce not cry over too many heads of lettuce; lettuce EAT! Lettuce grill our lettuce!! Lettuce juice our lettuce! Lettuce toss our lettuce.....in a bowl!!

You know the more I type lettuce the weirder it looks!! I litterarlly had to take a second look because L-E-T-T-U-C-E so wrong!! But man it taste amazing!! Moving on!

We will have lots of yummy things to go with your lettuce too!! Bright Red Radishes, Pointy Purple Turnips, fresh fragrant fennel, cone shaped cabbages, our now hopefully famous hardy Mix, collards, Swiss chard, kale omg the kale( its so good), baby carrots, snow peas (get there early to snatch these beauties), tat soi, green onions, eggs, 

Make your list and head on over to the Green Market Saturday from 9-1!  See you there!! 



green onions  


Hardy Mix