Happy Easter weekend!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this spring weather!! We have so much to bring to you this week it's going to be amazing!! First and always on your shopping list should be our amazing eggs!! The girls are loving this weather and really working hard for you!!

So many new things this week!! 

Snowpeas are starting to come on strong.  I'll have a few there this week as a teaser!! Also, we will have our spicy mix, mizuna(Asian arugula), and our latest creation the hardy mix, which has broccoli greens, collard greens, Swiss chard, kale, and beet greens in it!!  The hardy mix will be great for salads or braising!! The star this week would have to be our beautiful heads of lettuce.  Crisp Romaine and silky Bibb lettuce will be there for the taking!! Ever had grilled romaine? Omg it is so good!!!!

So much to talk about this blog could easily turn into a blogel ( blog novel), so I will just list what we are bringing so you can make your shopping list!!

eggs, spicy microgreens, pea shoots, sprouts ( 6 flavors), wheatgrass, fennel, radishes, kale(3 kinds), collard greens, Swiss Chard, Head Lettuce( romaine and Bibb), green onions (they smell and taste amazing), spicy mix, mizuna, and the hardy mix, 

Stock up and have the best Easter Dinner EVER!!



Snow peas


Green onions


Hardy Mix


Collard Greens


Spicy Mix


Swiss Charc




Romaine Lettuce