Quick list of tomorrow's veggies!

Eggs are in short supply this week and although we will bring what we have for the rest of the year you can expect production to go down as the days get shorter! For the health of our birds we do not provide any artificial light to make them keep laying!! So get there early to get your eggs! 

We will also have sweet peppers, banana peppers, jalapeño peppers, and pablono peppers.  We finally have our spicy mix back in stock, arugula and a nice mesclun mix as well as eggplant and our awesome cuzzuzi (zucchini replacement).  We will also have our line up of sprouts (alfalfa, fenugreek, broccoli, radish, and powerhouse mix.  Sunflower shoots should also be on your list. These little guys pack a powerful flavor and 1/4 cup has 6 grams of protein!!  Hope to see your smiling faces tomorrow!! Green Market Piedmont park from 9-1pm. 



Spicy Mix

Spicy Mix


Mesclun Mix