Tell US what YOU really THINK!......Customer Survey!!


Overall Quality of Produce *
Please tell us how satisfied you were with the quality of vegetables we produced this season.
How would you rate the overal value of the produce you received? *
Think about the amount versus the cost....did you get your money's worth?
How do you feel when you leave? *
Do you feel like a valued customer? Did we address your questions, concerns, needs? Did our interaction add value to your shopping experience?
How would you rate the overall selection *
Did we have enough variety?
Would you join our CSA if it was offered? *
We have talked a little about offering a weekly pickup of veggies through a CSA program. You would pay up front for the year and we would have a selection of our veggies ready for you to pick up at your leisure during the market. The price range would be between $30-$40 per week.